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what is a malouf comfort kit?

On the surface, the Malouf® Comfort Kit is a simple package full of comfortable things—pillows, PJs, lotion, water bottles and more getting added. At its heart though, there's more to it. It's us and many others who donated items hoping to help those with breast cancer feel more comfortable.

why comfort kits?

As you know, breast cancer is no respecter of persons. Many, including us, have close friends and family who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and wanted to do something about it. While we're grateful for large, national research campaigns, we wanted to help those we love more directly and personally. That goal inspired us to create the Malouf® Comfort Kit—and to provide it without cost to those suffering from this unfortunate challenge.

Malouf + Comfort Kit


Early fall of 2014 we began researching different activities and causes related to breast cancer awareness month and found many options. Needless to say, most of what we found online invited us to donate to national research organizations searching for better treatments or a future cure. These organizations are wonderful and we encourage their support, but we wanted to create something more personal.

While speaking to his mom—who was currently helping her sister fight breast cancer—something clicked for Malouf employee Jake Neeley. Between the physical discomfort and the emotional difficulty brought on by breast cancer and its treatments, finding ways to help relieve that discomfort and stress was the key.

As an employee for Malouf, a company that makes pillows, Neeley knew immediately he could enlist the Malouf team to help relieve some of the discomfort caused by breast cancer treatments. Upon finding Malouf’s support—including a donation of many soft neck pillows—he reached out to those affected by breast cancer, including his mom and aunt, for additional ideas of things that would help bring comfort to people suffering from breast cancer.

In addition to the pillows, many ideas were given for things that other companies in Neeley’s area made, like pajamas, socks, water bottles, and etc.; and so Neeley went to work again, reaching out and inviting other companies and community members to contribute.

With enough commitments the Malouf Comfort Kit, a package full of these comfortable things. He also rallied his co-workers at Malouf to include a hand-written note explaining the kit and offering words of hope and comfort. There's no coupons, ads or partial discounts for these companies. Nothing in the kits is promotional but kept purely charitable.

With the generous donations of so many, the Malouf® Comfort Kit™, a box full of comfortable things, was created. To make each package personal, Neeley worked with the Malouf team to include a hand-written note explaining the kit and offering words of hope and comfort. There are no coupons, no ads or partial discounts for any of the donor companies. Nothing in the kits are promotional in anyway. From all the donors, we simply wanted to say that we care, and that we hope for full recovery and comfort during a difficult time.

the next step

2014 was our first year. Neeley, with the Malouf team, created a kit for every person in our community who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Today, in its second year, the project has grown with a goal to deliver a Malouf® Comfort Kit to every person within the state of Utah who is diagnosed with breast cancer. The next step, within the next five years, Jake and the Malouf team hope to reach every breast cancer patient in the country.

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