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“You receive a diagnosis you’re not expecting, and everything goes so fast - a mastectomy, then right into chemotherapy within days. I had been at an appointment with the doctor and had just found out I had a long treatment schedule, that I would lose my hair, that I would have some hard times in the coming weeks. I got home and this big box was waiting for me in the mail full of all these nice pampering things.

Getting that box was a great distraction from everything that was going through my mind. It was a great reminder in that moment that I was a person, not just a patient. There were people that recognized I was going through something difficult, and they cared, even though they didn’t know me. When you feel sick and miserable, little comforts like a nice pillow or a comfy night shirt make a huge difference in your outlook.

My care at Logan Regional Hospital has been outstanding and my prognosis is good. I am so grateful to those people who have cared for me with such dignity and kindness. It’s a club nobody wants to join, but it’s reassuring to have wonderful people around me helping me and supporting me. Getting that box in the mail was a nice boost at just the right time. It makes me want to pay it forward and do something kind for another woman who is diagnosed.”

-Erin N., Idaho

"I want to commend Jake, Malouf and all those involved in these kits. My mom absolutely LOVED the comfort kit she received! As a caregiver it was a tremendous boost to both her morale and mine to see the care and consideration that goes into these kits. Thank you to those that donated all the time and amazing, quality products in these kits to provide comfort and compassion in a time of need! Anyone who is or knows someone going through cancer, this is the perfect thing to have or send someone. I can't thank you all enough for sending a little ray of sunshine to my sweet mother during such a darkened time in our lives. This was just the thing to lift her to keep going and fighting and to do so in comfort! :)"

-Emily R., Utah

“I wanted to let you know that my sister's comfort kit arrived yesterday and they moved her chemo to today. She loved all of it, even felt like I hand-picked it for her as the lotion was unscented. Thank you so much.”

-Beverly W., Utah

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